When You Really Need Tooth Replacement?

17 COtDental crowns and bridges is a traditional method of fixed teeth replacement which is popular even today. The major change in this method had been the material used for fabrication of these crowns and bridges. Earlier all metal or acrylic based materials were used. This was followed by a transition to metal fused to acrylic and metal fused to porcelain crowns. Newer materials which have become popular today are all ceramic also called as metal free porcelain crowns.

Of all these materials metal ceramics still, continue to enjoy a high popularity. This is because they aren’t that expensive compared to a metal-free restoration and their versatility of use in various clinical situations, such as long-span bridges where there are 3 or more missing teeth between supporting teeth.

When we make a single artificial tooth, it is called a Dental Crown. A combination of 3 or more dental crowns forms a dental bridge. Whatever the clinical situation, if there are a sufficient number of healthy teeth remaining for support, a dental bridge can be fabricated. It is also the preferred method in medically compromised patients in which implant surgery cannot be performed. Besides, there is no waiting period as in implants. The treatment can be completed in a week.

If you are searching for a low-cost dental crown or bridge treatment in New Delhi, Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre is the place to be. We have the necessary experience and expertise to provide all forms of teeth replacement with precision and ease.


My Experience with the Top Dental Hospital in Delhi

27 SepWhen it comes to choosing the best dental hospital in Delhi, Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Center is the first name that comes to mind. Located in the heart of New Delhi in Rajouri Garden, the center is well connected by metro and even other public transport too.

One of the main reasons that Dr. Garg’s Dental Clinic enjoys top priority is the over 4 decades of experience. The center was established in 1973 and even today it is wholeheartedly engaged in providing quality dental care at affordable costs. The center came into existence when dentistry was “primitive’ type. It was just limited to extraction of decayed teeth to relieve pain. There was no concept of cosmetics nor there was so much awareness in the general population about oral and dental care.

Slowly but progressively things changed for better and today time has come where cosmetic dentistry is in very high demand. People have become more aware. Emphasis has shifted towards saving of teeth rather than extracting them.

We too have kept pace with the changing time improving our-self with each passing day both in our skill and in our infrastructure to match the world standards just to ensure that our patients get nothing less than the best. Today we take pride in saying that we offer A to Z complete dental solutions under one roof with the state of the art technology.

However, we have stuck to our core values of keeping a patient on out topmost priority and practicing ethical dentistry.

Why to Get the Best Periodontal Treatment in Delhi

peridntlGums forms the surrounding and supporting tissues of a tooth. The health of the gums is therefore of paramount importance for the health of the tooth. Regular brushing, flossing, mouth rinsing etc removes plaque on a daily basis. However, lack of a proper oral hygiene leads to accumulation of plaque and calculus leading to bad smell from the mouth and food accumulations around a tooth leading to a destruction of bone and tooth.

Even if we practice meticulous oral hygiene daily, the efficiency can be 99.9% but never 100%. 0.1% of food accumulation daily over a period of several months causes significant accumulation of plaque and debris to cause damage. It is therefore advised to get a cleaning done every 6 months. Routine cleaning or scaling is like a service of your mouth. By removing the food debris, plaque and calculus, the health of the teeth and gums are restored.

However, if neglected the condition can progress further where the destruction of the supporting tooth structures start. This usually manifests as mobility in teeth and inability to chew hard food. At this stage too the condition is reversible with proper intervention aiming at removal of debris and regeneration of the lost tissues.

However, most of the cases present when the destruction has reached to an advanced level where little can be done to save the teeth. It is therefore advisable to opt for routine check-ups irrespective of whether there is a problem or not.

Dr. Garg’s Multispecilaity Dental Centre in New Delhi is a renowned center for periodontal and gum treatment in New Delhi. Using the state of the art technology in the form of dental lasers and regenerative materials, we can help you fight back and restore the health of your teeth and gums.

Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi – A Preferred Choice with Reasons 

1504103_1505381333908 (1)Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to beautify your smile through modifications in teeth. It, therefore, helps to correct discrepancies in tooth shape, size, color and or alignment. It can, therefore, be called as “plastic surgery of the teeth”.

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a very wide range of procedures. These include Teeth whitening, tooth reshaping, tooth veneers and laminates, tooth crowns and bridges, orthodontic treatment of teeth and even dental implants.Not all procedures are indicated in every case although a combination of procedures is usually needed to achieve the desired results.

Since smile is an important aspect of anyone’s personality, a good looking smile is therefore desired by all.

We at Dr. Garg’s Multispecilaity Dental Center have decades of experience in smile designing and cosmetic dentistry. Understanding patient’s view point is of paramount importance since most of the patients have a picture in their mind of how exactly their smile should look like. A discussion of a budget is another important aspect since smile designing is a slightly expensive affair.

Using state of the art technology and our experience, we have transformed the smile of many. So what are you waiting for? Come and experience perfection in the hands of best cosmetic dentist in New Delhi, India!!

Tooth Coloured Fillings in India More Affordable Now

FillingsTooth decay is a very common dental problem with which patients present in a dental office. It is very common for young children as well as adults. If the decay is discovered early while the cavity is still limited to enamel, the solution is also very simple -dental filling. It simply involves cleaning or removal of the decayed tooth structure and replacement by the filling material.

Earlier the filling material used was silver. However, due to its color and the fact that silver is mixed with mercury which is a potential health hazard, silver fillings have now been discontinued. The newer fillings which are now popular are called composite fillings. These are tooth colored so match the color of the tooth. Moreover, they bond perfectly with the structure thereby increasing the tooth strength. Another advantage of these fillings is that they are instant setting fillings..so one can eat/drink immediately after the procedure. In contrast silver fillings had a setting time of 8 hrs which needed eating and drinking restrictions. Filling material used for kids is loaded with a high fluoride content which has an anticavity effect on the remaining tooth structure.

Dental cavity filling is a simple procedure and in routine cases does not even need anesthesia. The decay is excavated either using a very speed drill or by hand instruments or by both. The tooth is then thoroughly washed and cleaned and dried and prepared for filling. The filling is placed, made to set, and finished and polished.

We at Dr. Garg’s Dental Center provide tooth filling services for all age groups. We strictly avoid using silver fillings due to environmental concerns and just use composite fillings as a part of out practice.

Affordable Periodontal Treatment in Delhi: All That You Need To Know

GumsGum disease is the most prevalent disease affecting mankind. Gum diseases is a small term encompassing a large number of gum disorders. Gum diseases may be caused by infection, deficiency of certain important nutrients, trauma or injury or may be due to the abnormal or uncontrolled growth of gum tissue.

Whatever the cause, there is a specific solution to each depending on the causative factor. However, in generalized form, the term “periodontal treatment” is used for treatment of any gum related disorder. Identification of the causative factor is the key to successful treatment.

Central to most gum diseases is the improper oral hygiene. Most of the cases are in early stages and easily respond to scaling and polishing which in simple terms is called as teeth cleaning. Slightly advanced cases may need flap surgery which is a small surgical surgery aiming to clear off the food debris which goes deeper in the gums. Advanced cases may also need gone grating to regenerate the bone lost as a result of disease.

Whatever the gum problem, We at Dr. Garg’s Dental Centre have a solution to it. We are the experts in gum care and treatment. We use state of the art-dental lasers to remove the root cause of the infection and to ensure rapid healing of the tissues. Right from simple scaling to complex gum procedures such as soft tissue or hard tissue replacements, we treat you with the latest advances to provide the best results.

How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Delhi?

CosmeticCosmetic Dentistry is a branch of dentistry that specifically aims to beautify one’s smile. Although the entire field of dentistry is related to cosmetics, Cosmetic Dentistry specifically focuses on procedures whose ultimate aim is to make smile pleasing and harmonious. These procedures include dental crowns and bridges, teeth whitening, tooth veneers, reshaping/ recontouring of teeth, orthodontics, gum depigmentation surgery, gummy smile correction..just to name a few.

Today a major portion of dental practice is dedicated towards performing these dental procedures for who doesn’t want a healthy attractive smile. Since the concept of beauty is different for different people, patients expectations are the prime consideration in cosmetic dentistry. Cases of cosmetic dentistry can bring about drastic changes in how one looks so a dentist should carefully listen and understand what is going inside the patient’s mind before starting a case.

Dr. Garg’s Dental Center, based in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi is a renowned center for cosmetic dentistry in India. With thousands of successfully completed cases ensuring 100% patient satisfaction, we are committed to delivering you a smile of your dreams. Our highly trained dentists, years of experience and the ability to understand the patient makes us the best cosmetic dentist in New Delhi.

It is rightly said “seeing is believing”. We, therefore, invite you to come and experience true excellence in the hands of masters in the field. It will not only change your smile but will bring about a complete transformation in your personality.