Laser Dentistry in India: Selection Of Dental Clinic Is the Key Factor

Most of us aware about the use of lasers in the treatment of eyes and for breakage of stones in the kidney. Other medical fields are also using lasers routinely. Similarly lasers have also found their application in day to day dental procedures.

Use of lasers is associated with a number of advantages:laser-dentistry

  • Laser assisted procedures are dry and bloodless.
  • There is less post-operative pain and/or swelling.
  • Healing is faster.
  • Laser assisted cutting of tissues is highly precise and accurate.

Laser in dentistry can be used in

  • Flap surgeries to cut/sterilise the tissure,
  • In root canal treatments to sterilise the root canal and to promote healing
  • To remove black pigmentation from gums
  • Tooth whitening
  • To cut overgrowths of gums
  • Hard tissue lasers can be used for cavity preperations also.
  • Can be used to clot the bleeding vessels

We at Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Center have been using dental laser for over 5 years in our practice. The center is equipped with German made(sirona) laser which finds its use in a multitude of dental procedures.

They are particularly useful in surgical work due to a dry bloodless procedure..which makes it better accepted and in demand by the patients.

If you are searching for the best laser dentistry clinic in India, Dr. Garg’s clinic is the place to be. Our experience and with laser dentistry will assure you with the best of work…

Read it! Before Going to Microscopic Dentistry Dental Clinic in India 

As we are well aware that microscopes produce magnified images of the objects. By working in an enlarged view, the operator can easily and distinctly improve the quality of any product.

Today microscopes have found their distinct use in all medical fields and dentistry is no exception. Working inside the mouth is difficult due to limited access and visibility,. Over that once has to deal with minute structures and most of the time the dentist has to rely on tactile sensitivity. With microscope not only the field of view is amplified the illumination produced by the in built light in the microscope, greatly improves the quality of the work.

It has found its use in root canal treatment, in checking the finish produced by dental restorations and fillings and in examining the lesions of the gums andmicroscopic-dentistry tongue.

However working with a microscope is not easy. One has to get used to working by looking in the microscope. The cost of the microscope is another factor to be considered because it is the patient that has to ultimately bear the cost.

But still considering the benefits, it is still worth to use a microscope in the dental practice. We too at Dr. Garg’s Multispecilaity Dental Center in Delhi, India have adopted the use of microscopes in our routine practice. This has led to a considerable improvement in the success rate of the procedures.

Contrary to the belief, microscopic dentistry is the next step ahead in dentistry and is quite affordable.

Crooked Tooth Correction Adds New Dimensions To Cosmetic Dentistry 

Today it is very common to find crooked teeth. The problem is attributed to a drastic change in dietary habits. Rough coarse diets comprising of raw fruits and vegetables stimulates jaw bone growth which in turn provides sufficient space for eruption of teeth. On the contrary, refined diet consisting of fast food and sugars hampers jaw bone growth, leaving insufficient space for eruption of teeth leading to crooked teeth.

The crooked teeth are best corrected during childhood by braces. The advantages of using braces is that one’s own teeth can be moved to create a harmonious smile without using anything artificial. Although in cases of crowding, it necessitates extraction of one or more permanent teeth to create space for tooth alignment, the spaces created by extraction are fully filled and covered. In treated cases the finishing is so good that it is difficult to make out if teeth were ever extracted.

However, most cases of tooth alignment are overlooked at during the childhood phase. It is only when the child starts going to the college that the realization of the smile not being good looking comes to an individual. At this stage although braces are still possible, but very few like to opt for braces. At this stage, correction can still be achieved using cosmetic dentistry.

With Cosmetic Dentistry, one can achieve change in color, shape, size, alignment and even position of the teeth. While braces takes time (in years) to achieve the desired correction, with cosmetic dentistry it is a matter of weeks. Cosmetic Dentistry makeovers are dramatic with a sudden transformation to a healthy beautiful smile…

Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre has been transforming and delivering healthy smiles for decades. By merely changing the appearance of teeth, we have successfully changed the life of many….

Sedation Dental Treatment in Delhi at Per with Standards

There is a large percentage of population which desires to have dental treatment done but the very thought of going to a dentist makes them sweat. They are extremely nervous about dental treatment. However there are times when the treatment is absolutely necessary to rid the patient of pain. Another case scenario is of children and infants who cannot even be expected to cooperate in a dental office.

To take care of such patients, Sedation Dentistry was introduced. Simply stated it involves sedation of the nervous patient to relive the patient of the anxiety. In the mild form, the patient is simply given a pill or syrup in case of young children about half an hour before the dental procedure. It induces a sleep likestate in the patient while the patient remains responsive to verbal commands. Dental procedures can then be easily performed.

These techniques are routinely used as surgical pre-medications and for the highly nervous anxious patient. A thorough patient counselling reassuring about the painless procedure is also helpful in a large number of cases.
If you too have been dreaming about visiting a dentist but have a fear in mind, do come once and visit Dr Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre. Our trained staff will completely rid you of your anxiety.

Our specially planned and designed sedation dentistry techniques will help you get even the most complex treatments with ease.


The Low Cost Dental Crowns and Bridges in Delhi 

Crowns and bridges is an old yet a still popular technique for fixed tooth replacement. The technique involves use of healthy remaining teeth as pillars to support the missing teeth. Advantages of this technique includes a predictable treatment which can be easily completed in a very short duration of time without any need for any form of surgery.

Over the time however there has been a vast change in the type smile-with-and-without-braces1of materials that are used for the fabrication of crowns and bridges. When first introduced acrylic and pure metal were the materials of the choice. However acrylics had limited durability and metals had a cosmetic limitation; therefore the need of a material that combined strength with cosmetics arose. This led to the introduction of metal ceramics also called as metal porcelain which continue to enjoy high popularity even today.

A major advantage with the use of metal ceramics is a reasonable cost; this makes it a material of choice among the patients. The material can be universally used in any area of the mouth without any limitations. There is also no limitation on the length of the bridge that can be fabricated using metal porcelain. All these advantages makes metal ceramic crowns and bridges the material of choice among dental practitioners.

Dr Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre in west Delhi, India is a premier center for restorative dentistry. We specialize in providing affordable tooth replacement solutions through low cost dental crowns and bridges. These prosthesis do not only fulfill the functional needs of the patient but at the same time also satisfies the cosmetic needs of the patients and that too within the budget.

Advancement in Dental Surgeries

The field of dentistry has shown tremendous advancement in the recent years.The field of Dental Implantology particularly has been growing at an exponential pace. When the dental implants first began, there were simply placed in intact bone. Then came the stage wherein implants began to be placed immediately after extraction of the tooth in combination with grafting materials. And now the trend is towards forming bone for placing implants in areas where bone is insufficient to support implants.

This bone augmentation surgeries can increase both the width (Ridge Augmentation Surgery) and length of available bone( Sinus lift Surgery, Socket Preservation Surgery).

These advanced bone grafting surgeries play a vital role in making implants possible in cases where otherwise implants cannot be placed due to lack of bone.
Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre In New Delhi has been providing dental implant services for almost 16 years now. Our expertise is reflected in thousands of successfully placed implants over these years. We have evolved our expertise and experience over the years and today we can confidently project ourselves as the true leaders in the field of  Dental Implantology and advanced bone grafting procedures.

All these surgeries are usually performed under local anesthesia and are associated with little or no post operative pain or discomfort. However these definitely require a lot of skill and expertise on the part of the operator.

Need for Dental Tourism in India

India is fast emerging as the preferred hub for global medical tourism. Cost definitely is the most lucrative contributory factor as the cost of most treatments is just 10% of what it is in developed nations of the west. Other factors include:

1. Zero waiting time: Most elective procedures in western countries are given a waiting time period of months. However due to the large scale availability of quality healthcare facilities in India, there is hardly any waiting time, no matter what the procedure is.
2. Expertise of Indian doctors: Indian doctors are well known all over the world for their expertise and commitment to perfection.
3.Availability of auxiliary staff: There is easy availability of nursing and caring staff for post-operative care of the patient.
4.Availability of Healthcare facilities at par with what is found in western countries.
For the same reasons mentioned above, dental tourism specifically has become even more popular for it does not require hospitalization during or in the postoperative phase for most of the procedures. Most of the patients who come from overseas usually need complex dental treatment such as dental implants, bone regeneration and grafting and full mouth rehabilitations.

Whatever your dental care needs be, Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre is the preferred hub for Dental Tourism in India. Our professional experience in handling medical tourists from all over the world has earned us the title of being the best Dental Tourism service provider in New Delhi area.

Our satisfied patients from all over the world are our brand advertisers promoting our name and brand all over the world. The result is reflected in the number of references we get from our satisfied clients.

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