Laser Gum De-Pigmentation in Delhi – Now More Affordable

Some people have a dark colored pigmentation on the gums.This color is due to the presence of a pigment called melanin in the gums. This pigment is made by certain cells of the gums and it keeps on accumulating in the superficial layers imparting a blackish brown color to the gums.Although harmless, some people find the dark appearance of the gums aesthetically displeasing. With the advances in dentistry, it is now possible to get rid of this dark color and change to life like pink gum tissue.

The process of doing it is simple and quick. One technique involves the use of laser on the superficial surface of the gums. During healing the superficial layer containing the pigment is peeled off making the way for the pink gum tiJPharmBioallSci_2015_7_6_786_163563_f6ssue. A similar result can also be achieved by using the conventional blade surgery. The superficial layer is simply scrapped off using a blade and covered with a dressing. Within a week the dark pigmented gums simply changes to aesthetically looking pink gums. Usually laser assisted surgery is preferred due to a relatively bloodless field and quick healing.

The procedure is quick, completely painless, simple and safe in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Even in the post-operative period, the patient experiences little or no pain. The results are dramatic…achieved within a week.

At Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre in New Delhi, India we have been doing depigmentation surgeries for over a decade now. Previously conventional approach was used but today mostly laser-assisted surgeries are gaining popularity as more and more are getting aware of the technique. Previously patient was told that such a procedure exists but today the patient comes and asks for depigmentation procedure.

So what are you waiting for? If you too have dark pigmentation of your gums, visit us today and beautify your smile.…

Low Cost Digital Shade Determination Now Available in Delhi

Dentistry is all about cosmetics. While fabrication artificial/prosthetic teeth, color shade match is one of the most important parts which is given least importance and time. Traditionally and till very recently, shade match procedure involved simple comparison of the patient’s tooth color with a tooth color shade guide having a specimen of all the colors available for human tooth.

The accuracy of color determination using just a simple shade match is questionable. The color selected by this method can vary sharply depending on the illumination of the room, type of light in the room(sunlight/artificial), the color of artificial light(white/yellow), the time of the day during which the shade is determined and of course the errors caused by human eye.

This often leads to a color mismatch when the final teeth are ready. Although there have been standard guidelines devised for shade determination, following then is cumbersome, so hardly used in a day to day clinical practice.

To overcome these limitations, digital shade guides have been invented. These measure shade digitally and all the limitations associated with manual shade determination has been solved. The process is simple. After an initial calibration of the devise, the devise is simply placed on the teeth. It emits light using Led”s and after a beep the correct shade flashes on the screen.

digital-shade-determination-vita-easy-shade-master2This devise was invented by a company called Vita and the devise is called “Vita Easy Shade Master” It is a very recent addition to our highly technical and modern practice.

We at Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre introduced it to our practice about an year ago and it has made shade determination easy and very quick. Previously the final prosthesis made had to be often sent back to the laboratory for shade corrections particularly in cosmetic dentistry cases but with Vita Easy shade master there is no longer a fear in the mind whether the color of the final prosthesis will match the patient’s natural tooth color. Results are great and is a must for any cosmetic dental practice.

Single Sitting RCT in West Delhi: An Overview

Root Canal Treatment is a “life saving” treatment for a tooth.It is done on a tooth badly affected by decay or in a tooth with severe pain which otherwise would need to be extracted. The tooth so saved functions normally.

The treatment involves removing the nerve inside the tooth under anesthesia which is responsible for the sensation of pain in a tooth. The space where the nerve was housed is cleaned, shaped and enlarged to receive a special filling material.

Previously root canal treatment was very cumbersome requiring mroot-canal-5ultiple settings and weeks to complete. However with the advances in dental technology it is now possible to complete the entire treatment in just one sitting of about less than an hour. This is not only time saving for the patient but at the same saves the patient hassles of repeated anesthesia.
Another myth about root canal is that it is a highly painful treatment. Today the root canals performed are perfectly painless.Moreover, the success rate of root canals is over 99% so one can opt for it without any apprehensions.

Dr Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Center, a renowned name in the field of dentistry offers affordable and painless root canal treatments in new Delhi, India. The use of mechanical instrumentation, digital radiography and apex locators ensures very high efficiency of the procedure.

How to Have the Best Experience of Orthodontic Treatment in NCR

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that caters to the alignment of the crooked teeth. Previously this treatment was restricted to children and young adults. However, with the advances in the dental field, today it is possible to get teeth aligned at any age.

Another major achievement is in the mode of treatment. Orthodontics started with the use of removable appliances. These were not only cumbersome and difficult to wear but at the same time results achieved depended to a large extent on the patient’s compliance.To overcome this disadvantage, fixed braces were introduced. Fixed braces gained high popularity because the results achieved did not depend on the patient’s compliance and even the most complex of the cases could be treated easily. There was an option to choose between metallic and ceramic tooth-colored braces.


However, as the demand for braces for adults increased, these braces were not found to be 100% suitable as patients from older age groups were not comfortable with the idea of wearing braces at this age. This led to the introduction of clear aligners(No wires, no braces) which has completely revolutionized the practice of adult braces.These aligners can also be used to treat patients of younger age group. Another major advantage with the aligners is that there is no need for regular check-ups or visits. One can by himself/herself change to a new aligner every 2 weeks without the need to visit a dentist.

So today anyone opting for alignment of crooked teeth has a number of option to choose from.The treatment is completely painless, predictable and easy.

So what are you waiting for? If you need best orthodontic treatment in Delhi/ NCR, visit Dr. Garg’s Multispecilaity Dental Centre in Rajouri Garden.

Laser Dentistry in India: Selection Of Dental Clinic Is the Key Factor

Most of us aware about the use of lasers in the treatment of eyes and for breakage of stones in the kidney. Other medical fields are also using lasers routinely. Similarly lasers have also found their application in day to day dental procedures.

Use of lasers is associated with a number of advantages:laser-dentistry

  • Laser assisted procedures are dry and bloodless.
  • There is less post-operative pain and/or swelling.
  • Healing is faster.
  • Laser assisted cutting of tissues is highly precise and accurate.

Laser in dentistry can be used in

  • Flap surgeries to cut/sterilise the tissure,
  • In root canal treatments to sterilise the root canal and to promote healing
  • To remove black pigmentation from gums
  • Tooth whitening
  • To cut overgrowths of gums
  • Hard tissue lasers can be used for cavity preperations also.
  • Can be used to clot the bleeding vessels

We at Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Center have been using dental laser for over 5 years in our practice. The center is equipped with German made(sirona) laser which finds its use in a multitude of dental procedures.

They are particularly useful in surgical work due to a dry bloodless procedure..which makes it better accepted and in demand by the patients.

If you are searching for the best laser dentistry clinic in India, Dr. Garg’s clinic is the place to be. Our experience and with laser dentistry will assure you with the best of work…

Read it! Before Going to Microscopic Dentistry Dental Clinic in India 

As we are well aware that microscopes produce magnified images of the objects. By working in an enlarged view, the operator can easily and distinctly improve the quality of any product.

Today microscopes have found their distinct use in all medical fields and dentistry is no exception. Working inside the mouth is difficult due to limited access and visibility,. Over that once has to deal with minute structures and most of the time the dentist has to rely on tactile sensitivity. With microscope not only the field of view is amplified the illumination produced by the in built light in the microscope, greatly improves the quality of the work.

It has found its use in root canal treatment, in checking the finish produced by dental restorations and fillings and in examining the lesions of the gums andmicroscopic-dentistry tongue.

However working with a microscope is not easy. One has to get used to working by looking in the microscope. The cost of the microscope is another factor to be considered because it is the patient that has to ultimately bear the cost.

But still considering the benefits, it is still worth to use a microscope in the dental practice. We too at Dr. Garg’s Multispecilaity Dental Center in Delhi, India have adopted the use of microscopes in our routine practice. This has led to a considerable improvement in the success rate of the procedures.

Contrary to the belief, microscopic dentistry is the next step ahead in dentistry and is quite affordable.

Crooked Tooth Correction Adds New Dimensions To Cosmetic Dentistry 

Today it is very common to find crooked teeth. The problem is attributed to a drastic change in dietary habits. Rough coarse diets comprising of raw fruits and vegetables stimulates jaw bone growth which in turn provides sufficient space for eruption of teeth. On the contrary, refined diet consisting of fast food and sugars hampers jaw bone growth, leaving insufficient space for eruption of teeth leading to crooked teeth.

The crooked teeth are best corrected during childhood by braces. The advantages of using braces is that one’s own teeth can be moved to create a harmonious smile without using anything artificial. Although in cases of crowding, it necessitates extraction of one or more permanent teeth to create space for tooth alignment, the spaces created by extraction are fully filled and covered. In treated cases the finishing is so good that it is difficult to make out if teeth were ever extracted.

However, most cases of tooth alignment are overlooked at during the childhood phase. It is only when the child starts going to the college that the realization of the smile not being good looking comes to an individual. At this stage although braces are still possible, but very few like to opt for braces. At this stage, correction can still be achieved using cosmetic dentistry.

With Cosmetic Dentistry, one can achieve change in color, shape, size, alignment and even position of the teeth. While braces takes time (in years) to achieve the desired correction, with cosmetic dentistry it is a matter of weeks. Cosmetic Dentistry makeovers are dramatic with a sudden transformation to a healthy beautiful smile…

Dr. Garg’s Multispeciality Dental Centre has been transforming and delivering healthy smiles for decades. By merely changing the appearance of teeth, we have successfully changed the life of many….